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The Governors of Meridian Angel Primary School are:


Eve Hearn - Chair

Patricia Baron - Vice Chair

Lydia Johnson - Governor

Lucy Dang - Governor (GDPR lead)

Cheryll Milner - Headteacher

Carol Sandercombe – Staff Governor

Melanie Fernandez - Staff Governor

Tomas Osvald – Parent Governor


The Members of the London Community Learning Trust are:

Fr Nigel Asbridge

Mr Tom Mautner

Ms Jeanette Knight

Ms Carol Balfe

Mrs Eve Hearn



6th June 2018-Governors day

6th June 2018-Governors day 1
6th June 2018-Governors day 2
6th June 2018-Governors day 3
6th June 2018-Governors day 4
6th June 2018-Governors day 5
6th June 2018-Governors day 6

Governors report to parents-May 2018

Governors handbook for Parents

Governors school developement plan

Governors meetings timetable

Governors register of interests


Why do schools have Governors?

All state maintained primary schools and Free schools, are accountable to their governing bodies, which in turn are accountable to parents and the community. They are a voluntary body established to oversee the strategic direction and policy making of the school. Governing bodies are required to make decisions which are in the best interests of the children as a whole.

What are the governors responsibilities?

They include:
• providing strategic management
• acting as a critical friend to the school
• ensuring accountability
• promoting high standards of education and achievement
• planning the schools’ long term future
• setting the school’s aims and values
• appointing senior members of staff including the Head Teacher
• setting budgetary allocation, control and monitoring

Why do individuals volunteer to be governors?

The school benefits from your contributions and you could benefit from the experience.
• By volunteering as a governor you can help secure a positive outlook for future generations.
• Volunteers can benefit through developing transferable skills. As a governor you can build on your team working skills; network with a variety of different types of people; gain experience in different fields such as project management, finance, marketing, administration and so much more.
• Training is provided by a separate third party for those that will benefit from it.

Who are the governors?

The main governing body consists of volunteers drawn from the following sources (including vacancies).Executive head Teacher, parent governors (2), staff governors (2) and co-opted governors (5)

Current Vacancies

We are always looking to recruit parent governors. Just enquiring does not commit you to the role, so ask all the questions and likewise we will too. If there are no vacancies still please register your interest, so we know who to approach next time.


When and how would I contact the Governors?

The Governing Body welcomes the views of parents on how to improve the school, or to address any areas of concern, so please feel free to contact us if not in person then by email on: 


You can also write to us, ensuring any correspondence is marked for the attention of the Chair of Governors in an envelope and left with the School office.


Further independent information can be found at national Governors Association website


The Governing Body


The Governing Body has responsibility alongside the staff of the school,to help and support the general running of the school.


This includes contributing to decisions about:


Finance, Curriculum, Health and Safety, Premises, Welfare and Discipline standards, Staffing and Policies.

The Chair and Governors visit the school on a regular basis.