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Southover Partnership

The Southover Partnership is one of the UK’s leading independent and managed special educational needs (SEN) organisations founded in 1994 by Carol Frankl. The Southover Partnership provides a multi-faceted approach to SEN.  It works together with schools, local authorities and educational organisations to deliver an incomparable educational and learning experience for the children and young people it works with.


The Southover Partnership provides education support services targeted at children with SEN in mainstream schools, its own secondary school for vulnerable children who have autism or experience emotional, behavioural, learning and social difficulties and consultancy and training.


Carol Frankl writes, “Our Vision is to motivate and support staff, pupils and the wider community to realise their dreams, through inspirational learning and teaching, making a difference everywhere, with everyone we engage.


Our approach revolves around the unswerving significance of relentless care and support for all our children.

We provide long-term caring relationships for our children whilst enabling them to learn. We personalise and tailor their education to ensure they gain the most out of their school experience, from academic achievements, through to vocational skills and building personal relationships.”