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Design and Technology

At Meridian Angel Primary School, we strive to provide our pupils with the opportunity to learn how to take risks, collaborate with others and become resourceful, innovative and capable citizens through the teaching of Design and Technology. Pupils are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve problems in a variety of different contexts. Our pupils are encouraged to be reflective, by evaluating past and present design and technology, how it is used and its effectiveness. We aim to, wherever possible, draw upon subject knowledge and skills within other curriculum areas such as mathematics, science, computing and art.

All teaching of Design and Technology should follow the design, make and evaluate cycle. When designing, pupils should be provided with real-life issues and contexts to give meaning to the process. During the making process, pupils should be able to access and choose from a range of equipment. In the final stage, pupils should be able to evaluate their product using design/success criteria. Throughout each of these stages, pupils will be exposed to technical language, knowledge and skills.

The key skills and knowledge for Design and Technology have been mapped across the school to ensure skills progression between year groups. The key skills taught are:

  • Cooking and nutrition


  • Textiles and sewing


  • Electrical and mechanical components


  • Using materials          


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