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Learning to read is the most important thing your child will learn at our school.
Every subject depends on the ability to read comprehensively. We want your child
to embrace reading with confidence and conviction. Reading will open children’s
minds to a world of knowledge and inspiration.
Meridian Angel uses Phonic Bug, which is aligned to the Department of
Education’s Letters and Sounds scheme, to teach children the phonic sounds and
patterns they need to read and write. The youngest children have daily timetabled
phonic sessions and one-to-one support is provided for any child who needs extra
support in order to keep up.
Children learn how to ‘read’ the sounds in words and how those sounds can be
written down. This is essential for reading and learning to spell. The children also
practice reading and spelling ‘tricky words’ such as; ‘once,’ ‘have,’ ‘said’ and
‘where’. The children practice their reading with books that match the phonics and
the ‘tricky words’ they are learning and are familiar with.
Story time is timetabled each day in every class exposing children to different
types of stories, poetry and information books. New vocabulary is taught and
practiced in context so children become confident to use it in both their reading
and writing and during conversation.

Spelling is taught discretely throughout the school. Spelling tests are given weekly
and may be differentiated. The tests consist of words or word patterns which have
been taught, high frequency words and common exception words from the
National Curriculum along with subject specific language.
Vocabulary, Grammar & Punctuation
The National Curriculum programme of study for Vocabulary, Grammar and
Punctuation is taught discretely across the school. Children then practice their
skills using an online tool called, which they can access during school
on i-pads or at home as part of home learning. The programme also enables the
teacher to assess children’s understanding.

We aim to teach our children the importance of presentation, neat handwriting and
taking pride in the work they produce. We follow the Penpals writing scheme,
which develops a cursive style.
Reading is given high priority at Meridian Angel and daily lessons encourage a
passion for reading through the use of high quality texts, which in turn develops
and broadens children vocabulary. It also aims to develop children’s understanding
and comprehension through a of a variety of genres through teacher led class
discussions, role-play and drama..
High quality, age appropriate texts are used to plan for writing across all genres.
They captivate children’s imagination, through drama, art and discussion to
strengthen their skills and foster the love of writing. Writing is modelled by the
teacher and the use of English Working Walls help children understand the process
of successful writing.

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