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Through the teaching of Geography, we aim to give children an interest in, a curiosity about and an enthusiasm for their own surroundings and the world beyond, an understanding of the differences between places, a sense of responsibility towards their environment and a range of skills to carry out geographical enquiry. Geography starts from the child’s immediate environment, beginning with the school grounds. Through visits into the local community, their world is extended through first hand experiences, building up their geographical knowledge and skills.

Children use a range of resources including maps, atlases, compasses and pictures.  They learn about the Geography of the school and its grounds, the weather, the local area and the use of land

The specific aspects of this subject which are taught are:

● Location knowledge
● Place knowledge
● Human and Physical Geography
● Geographical Skills and Fieldwork

Our Geography curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate
progression across the year groups.



Current Totals

EYFS - 100%
KS1 - 88.25%
KS2 - 95.8%

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