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Music at Meridian Angel


At Meridian Angel Primary School we use the “Charanga” music scheme.
The scheme ensures that we are teaching the national curriculum for
music in full as well as covering the Early years framework. Please see Knowledge and Skills documents for more information.


Early years foundation stage-


By the end of the Reception year children at the expected level of
development will be able to –


  • Sing a range of well-known nursery rhymes and songs,
  • Perform songs, rhymes, poems and stories with others, and – when appropriate – try to move in time with music.


Key stage 1-


Pupils should be taught to:

● use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs
and speaking chants and rhymes
● play tuned and untuned instruments musically
● listen with concentration and understanding to a range of high-
quality live and recorded music
● experiment with, create, select, and combine sounds using the
interrelated dimensions of music


Key stage 2-

Pupils should be taught to sing and play musically with increasing
confidence and control. They should develop an understanding of
musical composition, organising and manipulating ideas within musical
structures and reproducing sounds from aural memory.
Pupils should be taught to:
● play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their
voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy,
fluency, control and expression
● improvise and compose music for a range of purposes using the
interrelated dimensions of music
● listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing
aural memory
● use and understand staff and other musical notations
● appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and
recorded music drawn from different traditions and from
great composers and musicians
● develop an understanding of the history of music


At Meridian Angel we instill a love and appreciation of music from ayoung age. Children are exposed to a wide range of music from all genres. Music is played as children enter their classrooms and assemblies as well as being played whilst they work to enhance brain function and to help them maintain concentration.


The children attend regular music assemblies, during these assemblies’ children learn about specific musicians and sing various songs.

We believe that our music curriculum allows children explore their own cultures celebrating equality and diversity.

Visitors are an integral part of the teaching and learning of music at Meridian. We have visiting workshops throughout the year teaching children key knowledge and skills. In the past this has included African drumming workshops, carnival dancing and an Opera session with Opera Ed. As part of our Aspirations program in KS2 we invite people in the
music industry to inspire our children and open their eyes to different careers. The school works closely with Enfield Music Service with children accessing ‘Song Sack’, ‘Enfield Sings’, learning to play the recorder as well as an extra-curricular choir.


Performing can encourage children to explore their emotions, expanding their imagination and helping them develop their own, unique voice as well as building their confidence. Throughout the year they are given various opportunities to perform to the rest of the school and their families. This includes class assemblies, Christmas carol services, our EYFS/KS1 Nativity as well as the much anticipated year 6 leavers

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Music at Meridian Angel



Current Totals

EYFS - 100%
KS1 - 88.25%
KS2 - 95.8%

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