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 Through weekly Science lessons our children acquire knowledge and understanding of the world around them. They develop their skills from Reception to year 6 so that they are ready for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and technology at Secondary School. Curiosity is fostered so that children start to think and wonder and pose questions that can be investigated and tested scientifically.


At Meridian Angel Primary School we use the outstanding ActiveLearn scheme in Key Stage 1 followed by the HEP Science Scheme in Key Stage 2 which are dynamic, comprehensive programmes packed with inspirational resources.


Primary Science is presented to children through a practical, relevant context and involves many hands-on experiences and investigations. Science today is now closely linked to technology, engineering and maths (STEM).


Children love the chance to learn through being totally hands-on and finding things out for themselves — the perfect way to understand the world around them. We aim to give each child a positive primary science experience as this is key to encouraging future generations to not only study this at secondary school, but to become scientists!



Current Totals

EYFS - 100%
KS1 - 88.25%
KS2 - 95.8%

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