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“To deliver a maths curriculum that excites, stimulates and challenges ALL pupils and that fosters a resilience and love of learning in Maths that can be successfully applied to the real world.”


At Meridian Angel, we know how maths affects how we live our lives on a daily basis. It is for this reason that we aim to ensure that all pupils leave Meridian Angel having acquired the necessary problem solving skills and the self- confidence to apply their knowledge to cope with maths in real life contexts.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim for pupils to build on their own experiences and to this end, pupils are encouraged to gain a conceptual understanding of maths through the use of practical, concrete equipment such as Numicon. The use of manipulatives is fundamental in supporting pupils to bridge their experiences from the abstract to the tangible. It is our belief that continuous exposure to meaningful experiences/ real life problem solving will benefit our children throughout their school journey.


To support pupils’ learning process, pupils are taught a range of written methods to effectively use for all mathematical operations. Pupils are taught these methods once they have developed sound mental strategies which those methods can build upon. This is done as it is important that children as children need to develop both a conceptual understanding of maths as well as a procedural one.


The New Curriculum, implemented in 2014 covers the Key areas of Number, Geometry, Statistics and Measure, with using and applying mathematics running through all of these.  There is a greater focus on conceptual and procedural understanding, fluency and mastery (having a thorough understanding of a topic and to be able to apply it), and the use of manipulatives (apparatus such as Numicon and Cuisenaire to assist in children’s understanding of topics)



  • Understanding of number and place value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions (there is an increased expectation of children’s ability to work with fractions and these are also introduced earlier than previously)
  • Decimals and percentages
  • Ratio and proportion and algebra are introduced in Upper Key Stage 2


Geometry and Measures

  • Properties of Shape (2D, 3D, angles)
  • Position, Movement and motion (directions, co-ordinates, symmetry, reflections)
  • Measure (Standard units, time, money, area and perimeter)



  • Collecting and sorting information
  • Reading, creating and interpreting graphs


During this difficult time, all children should still have access to daily maths lessons via google classrooms using a blend of White Rose videos, slides and independent work, problem solving and real life maths problems as well as daily time allocated for children in KS2 to access Timestables Rockstars.  In addition, some children will be taking part in online interventions via google meets. 



The Maths websites listed below are a great way to support children’s Maths learning in a fun and challenging way. Learning works best when a child is supported by somebody, be it a parent/carer or older sibling who takes an interest in their child’s learning. The games and activities listed are suited to a range of abilities and although they have been separated into Key Stages, they should be attempted according to a child’s attainment rather than their age.

Please encourage children to take part in other practical maths activities that may form part of your everyday life e.g. weighing out ingredients, adding up shopping bills, reading the numbers at the petrol station.



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